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Insan Fernaldi Lubis



nsan Fernaldi Lubis graduated with a degree in Law from Padjadjaran University in November 2015 majoring in International Law, and shortly afterwards came to Lubis, Santosa & Maramis as an intern, before being made an associate in September 2016.

While studying in Padjadjaran Univeristy, he actively participated in numerous organizational, seminars, training and events.

In Lubis, Santosa & Maramis, he is a member of the dispute resolution practice group. He has gained considerable experience across a broad range of litigation, mediation and arbitration matters, including drafting statements of claim and other pleadings at the District Court, High Court and Supreme Court levels, legal opinions and other legal documents related to dispute resolution. He also frequently advises on manpower and intellectual property issues for multinational company from highly diverse sectors, among others:


  • Represented and advised a Cayman Islands company with regard to pretrial petition arising out of 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) money laundering crimes matter, which involves civil asset forfeiture proceedings brought by the United States Department of Justice as well as seizure affected by the Criminal Investigation Board of Police of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Represented the biggest international consumer goods company on possible trademark infringement enforcement against its competitor.
  • Represented and advised a foreign investment pharmaceutical company on employment and termination of employment issues.
  • Represented and advised a foreign investment construction company (as a claimant/contractor) in a factory facilities project dispute (under the FIDIC Red Book contract format) in BANI.
  • Advised a major insurance company in the scheme of co-insurance on a construction project (mall and condominium) located in North Jakarta in a potential dispute on insurance claim submitted by insured.
  • Represented and advised a Japanese steel manufacturing company with regard to allegations of environmental crimes.
  • Advised an international pharmaceutical company as defendant with regard to a tort claim arising out of distributorship agreement brought by its former partner in Indonesia.
  • Represented and advised FMC Corporation, FMC (Shanghai) Commercial Enterprise and FMC Philippines, Inc. in a breach of contract lawsuit arising out of distributorship agreement brought by its former partner in Indonesia.


He has passed the Indonesian Bar Exam organized by the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI). He speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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