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Hamonangan Buddhiwisnu Harahap

Hamonangan Buddhiwisnu Harahap is an associate at the IP practice group of Lubis, Santosa & Maramis. He graduated from Faculty of Law Trisakti University (Sarjana Hukum) in 2005.

A commercial litigation lawyer having more than 12 years in top-tier law firms

Hamonangan Joined the firm in 2010 and is heavily involved with the IP works of the firm, including arranging for registration of Trademarks, Industrial Design, Copyrights, IPR enforcement as well as IPR litigation. He has involved in advising and representing clients from various industries such: hotels business, transportation, property, adhesive, garment, printing, toiletries, perfumery, etc.

Prior to joining Lubis, Santosa & Maramis in 2010, he has worked for almost 4 (four) years in another prominent corporate and litigation firm in Jakarta. During that time he was involved as a lawyer in advising and representing clients from various types of industries, including but not limited to telecommunication, investment, farming, media, automotive, land and property, etc.


A commercial litigation lawyer having more than 12 years in top-tier law firms. Mainly handling multinational corporations clients, across wide range of industries, among others: banking & finance, online market place and manufacture.

Working Experience

  • Representing a Singaporean multinational banking corporation, headquartered in Singapore, in a tort lawsuit filed by its customer in Central Jakarta District Court. We defended the client and attained a satisfactory result as the court reject all of Plaintiff’s claims.
  • Successfully representing an Indonesian banking corporation in a tort lawsuit filed by its customer in Medan District Court.
  • Defending a Japanese leasing company in a tort lawsuit filed by its costumer in Kepanjen District court. The court rejected Plaintiff’s lawsuit.
  • Defending one of the biggest Indonesian online marketplaces in a tort lawsuit in Medan District Court, filled by its customer.
  • Representing one of the biggest Indonesian online marketplaces in a criminal investigation launched by North Sumatera and East java Regional Police Office. A customer filed a police report alleging client to sell a counterfeit product. Here we applied User Generated Content principle, in which limiting platform provider’s responsibility over the content uploaded by user.
  • Advising a French based investment management firm on how to sell a pledged collateral under default.
  • Defending an American chemical manufacturing company, headquartered in Pennsylvania, that was unfairly accused of doing unlawfully acts in civil tort cases tried in West Jakarta and Tangerang District Court. We managed to have a good result for the client as the courts rejected the Plaintiff’s lawsuit.
  • Defending a Japanese foreign investment company (PMA), a major Japanese automobile manufacturer and exporter, in a tort lawsuit filed by its consumer in South Jakarta. We managed to have a good outcome as the court granted our motion to dismiss the case.
  • Representing a Japanese foreign investment company (PMA), one of the largest automotive parts producer companies, during employment disputes in Bandung District Court. Here, our client was accused of conducting unfair employee termination. The Court then decided in favor of our client by granting the employee termination and ruled that the compensation given by the client was in line with the Law on Manpower.
  • Representing a German foreign investment company (PMA), supplier of essential drugs and clinical nutrition products, in a construction dispute before Badan Arbitrate National Indonesia (BANI). We attained a favorable decision where the Arbitrators granted clients major claims.

Criminal Cases:

Successfully defending an American foreign investment company (PMA), one the biggest multinational oil and gas companies, who was wrongly accused of violating Indonesian Law on Anti-Corruption. The Supreme Court finally see the truth and ruled the defendant not guilty.
Representing a PMA company, an American multinational beverage corporation, who was falsely prosecuted of violating Law on Water Resources. We opposed the prosecutor in the Sumedang District Court, and the court convincingly ruled in the favor of our client.
Assisting a PMA company, a major American global food corporation, during an investigation carried out by the Police, where the investigator accused the company of violating Law on Consumer Protection. Here, we assist the client to navigate complex Indonesian laws and regulation as well as to accompanying them during every police interview. The case then dismissed by the investigator.
Defending a former President Director of a State-Owned Corporation in an allegedly corruption case. From the very outset, judging from the evidence provided to us, we are confident that the client is not guilty. Finally the Supreme Court granted out pleading and dismissed the Prosecutor’s baseless allegation.
Assisting a Japanese PMA company, one of key players in medical devices manufacturer company, in revealing long time embezzlement practice conducted by its employees. We also assisted client to file a criminal report to the Police.

Antitrust and Unfair Competition:

  • Defending a local poultry feed company who was accused of doing cartel practice. The Supreme Court finally decided that our client was not guilty.

He speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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