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Inneke Kusuma Dewi


Inneke Kusuma Dewi joined the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group of Lubis, Santosa & Maramis in 2014. She graduated from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia in 2011. She is interested in banking, finance, and energy, which has led her to participate in a business report contest organized by Link and Motivation Inc., Japan. In that competition, she was awarded the prize Best Business Plan (Group).

Prior to joining Lubis, Santosa & Maramis, she worked in the banking field. She was involved in matters related to corporate action, legal, compliance, and good corporate governance. She became one of the members of Good Corporate Governance Committee, which is responsible for supporting the supervision of the Board of Commissioners. Having experience working in banking field made her realize that in order to support energy development (especially renewable energy), we need to engage both the banking and energy sectors (energy becomes bankable). She is also interested in health, education and technology, whereby all three must be correlated to improve human life. Because in order to study or work well, we need to be healthy, and in order to make a great education system, we need technology support.

In Lubis, Santosa & Maramis, she assists other lawyers in various cases. She is also assisting Mr. Todung Mulya Lubis.

She loves art and music. In art she likes to sketching and drawing. She likes to listen to any kind of music.

She speaks Bahasa and English.

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